Jeremy Thiesen
Hi Everyone,

I’m Jeremy Thiesen. My life goal is to empower everyone to live their passions. Not allowing life to get in the way and go for it all. With that I started researching how to achieve a long term goal and I still continue to learn the details as I coach people. In addition, I have my own company, Achivi, that helps companies write amazing blogs and make an impact in the world.

A little bit more about long term goals and me. I think I was born as a determined goal oriented person, because I’ve been practicing for this blog all my life. In sports, I worked hard to race in the Junior Olympics and become a junior national champion for my division in a marathon for kayaking. But it wasn’t just sports. I was also a dedicated student and worked to skip calculus in high school. In my personal life, I have changed my laugh, learned to fold my tongue, and went from being introverted to extroverted. Now in my career, not only do I help run a 1000+ person meetup group, but Achivi is my second business and I am working hard to help solve some of the world’s problems. And I am planning on helping you too.

But the key for me is to always have more goals and to never stop trying. So, while I work on my business and my blog, I have a few other goals for me to work on. I am working on a six pack, trying to become in the top 25% of players in League of Legends, and by far my biggest goal: To keep every promise I make to myself or anyone else. That last one really pushes me to the limits sometimes, but it really makes life interesting and I recommend it to everyone who wants to really achieve something in life.

If my profile sounds interesting to you and you are looking to achieve a long term goal yourself. I am a coach and I would love to help you achieve your dreams. Email me now, hesitation takes you nowhere.

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